Beginning at the beginning.

Where to begin?

It’s tough to say where this all began.  I do have to be a little cautious since Erin, (my beautiful lady) is very good at sniffing out deception and trickery.  I could go back to when we were kids and describe the events that led up to our meeting, I could go back 11 years when we first met on a fortunate night out or I could go back 9 years to when we got married.  But those would be too long and are probably better left  for another day.  So I will roll back the the clock to about 1 year ago, when she first discovered BLOGS!

It was one year ago, almost to the day, when a friend of ours told Erin about this website she absolutley MUST check out! The Pioneer Woman, you may have heard of it.  Well once she was on, she was hooked!  Like the proverbial Crackhead on the Crack pipe (if there is such a thing as a proverbial crackhead).  She was glued to it like teenage girls to Justin Beiber.  Now, as anyof you blog-o-sphere aficionado’s know, it doesn’t stop at just one (much like girl scout cookies).  Soon she was on to Bakerella, YoungHouseLove, Ashley Ann Photography and so on, and so on, and so on… Our browser history was replete with the listings of every well-loved site that she could find.  (Just to keep you up to date, her new fave is Pinterest, which by the way,  is the one that led me to start the affair).  And what was I doing while she clicked away on these blogs you might ask?  Well just shooting Angry Birds and thieving pigs, racing around the world in my Bugatti Veyron and saving the world from terrorits, all thanks to my iPhone 4! (Which, by the way, she actually complained about saying I spent too much time on and said she sometimes wished she could throw it away)  Each and EVERY day I came home to find her checking out the latest posts, ideas for decoration, pictures and ever-present must have items like Farmhouse tables.  Perhaps you can see where this is going.

Before I proceed, allow me to digress just a little.  To warn you, this may happen often as I am the poster child for ADHD with an “overactive imagination”  Just to make things clear, I am not in any way, shape or form in the line of the “Typical” man.  I’m not good at sports, although I do support the Sooners.  I don’t go barbaric when someone tries to “test me”.  I don’t fish, hunt, fight or think all women are the same.  Currently, at the age of 33, I can’t even grow a real beard.  As a kid, you would find me watching Star Trek (my emotional state is comparable to a Vulcan), playing with Transformers or sitting on my roof pretending it was my fortress.  And up until about 3 years ago, I had no idea whatsoever how to fix or build anything.  That last bit changed when I left the field of Teaching and started working for an area home builder.  Digression over, back to the main story.

So there we are, living in our first home, a 1939 remodel by the local college campus.  No kids, no heavy expenses and not alot of worry.  That’s when the seeds planted by the blogs were watered by Erin’s inate desire for change blossomed into the second craziest month of our lives (the first being the “Month-O-Cancer”, but I digress again)  Erin comes to me last January and says “Hey, maybe we should just kinda see what houses are available and possibly look into putting ours on the market!  What do you think?”  Not thinking anything would come of this, I said “Sure”.  That word, by the way, is one of the most dangerous four letter words in the English language.  It typically implies an agreement made with little forethought or consideration of the possible consequences.  I would soon see this fact for myself in the month of February.

Well, I’ve got to go now, job and work and all of that grown-up stuff.  But I will continue the tale soon.

All Love,



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