Changes in the Weather

January 16th, 2011: Erin comes up to me after spending some time on her blogs and says in a very non-chalant way, “Hey, maybe we should just see what houses are available and possibly look into putting ours on the market!  What do you think?”

January 17th: Erin informs me that our good friend  Allison Owens, who just happens to be a Realtor, is on her way over to talk about listing our house and looking for one to buy.

January 23rd to February 5th: We find a house we absolutely LOVE; 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, fully remodeled inside, Ranch Style home with lots of extras and a extra large kitchen/dining room at the very peak of our price range, put in an offer, have it accepted, list our house, have it sell to the first person who comes through the door and we are on our way!  SWEET!

Only one thing, the people we are buying from need to close by February 28th!  We’ve got work to do.  So here we go, schedule inspections, meet with the Mortgage company, find a moving company, get ready to pack, etc. etc. etc…  This would be a lot to do in any month, but this won’t be just any month.  This will be the month that we have one of the largest snow storms on record, several feet in a matter of a few hours virtually shutting down the entire city and causing our front porch along with the roof over our living room to collapse.  The inspections were conveniently pushed back until after the snow storm so when the inspector for our buyer arrives, he has a couple of large items on his list that will need to be repaired, Nice.

Now we couldn’t just jump right in to the repairs since the snow had still shut down a majority of the city.  So as I am plowing around in the 3 feet deep backyard, trying to figure just how exactly we are going to fix the roof in all of this lovely weather, Erin gives a tap on the  back window to show me the little note she had written for me, “You’re going to be a daddy!”

So there we are, new home on the horizon, new baby on the way, 2 weeks until closing and we can’t even get out of the house.  Now I generally don’t sleep very well to begin with, maybe 2 hours down at a time before I pop up for some unknown reason.  But when there is a lot of things going on, I sleep even less.  So needless to say, this month, I would go days without so much as shutting my eyes.  I could tell you it was an exciting month, but after going days without sleep on several occasions, my brain was scrambled eggs.  But lucky for me, February 28th arrived and we managed to get all of the repairs complete, everything packed, the mortgage documents ready, movers scheduled,  inspections passed and we got moved in to our new home.  And here we are, living in our new home, just big enough for our new addition coming in October and preparing ourselves for the major life change that will be coming with it.  I’m getting back to my regularly irregular sleep cycle and Erin is up-to-date on all of her blogs.

“Hey Carey, maybe we should just look at possibly buying a new kitchen table : )”


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