Day One: Sorry Babe, I’ve got to work a little late.

I told Erin that I might be working late when actually I had taken off work early to meet with Doug and pick out the wood we would use for the table.

I decided to make the table out of Cedar wood.  Both for its color and texture, not to mention cedar smells amazing!  Here’s a picture of the rough cedar I used at the mill.

Marlon at the mill was nice enough to run the rough cedar through this 40 year old drum sander to give it a smooth feel.  This particular machine is over 30 years old!  They have equipment there that is over 70 years old and still going strong!


To make the table stay together and not have the wood “walk” on us, we cut a mortis along the edge of each plank.  In the mortis, we installed a spline and used glue to hold it all together.

Here’s a preview of what it will look like in the end.

End of day 1: I ended up staying at Doug’s shop until almost 7.  I thought this might be a problem so I had a lie prepared for Erin when I got home about having to meet with a home buyer to walk their house.  Fortunatly, Erin ended up working until about 8 so I got home, showered, ate dinner and was waiting when she arrived as if I had been there the entire night.  I’ll store that lie for later.

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