Day Two: Working on Saturday! Oh this Sucks! Or Does it?

After the glue had dried, it was now time to move on to installing the bread boards and beginning the sanding.  I told Erin I had to work on a Saturday, not entirely a lie.

We had to get a little tricky when cutting the mortis along the edges of the table.  We couldn’t necessarily run the table itself along a saw.

Using a skill saw with a ledge, we cut several lines along the edge of the table until we had our desired groove.

I’m actually doing the work in the dining room of Doug’s unfinished house.  It is going to be beautiful when it’s finished!

 Here’s the view from what will be his front porch!

After scraping off the excess glue and hitting it a little with the belt sander, a 3 hour Saturday work day had lasted 6.  Remember that little lie about meeting with some home buyers I had pocketed the other day?  I told Erin they had called while I was out there and asked to come by then!  Meanwhile, Erin was having a mild panic attack because she had decided to have some coffee that morning (the first since she had become pregnant) and was blowing up my phone to get me home.  Away I Go!

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