I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I love it when a plan comes together!.  Especially when that plan is already in motion without having all of the details ironed out and as I make my way through the confusion, the plan just unfolds before me.  This was the case with Operation FHT.

Step One: Find out how to build a table.  Google should be helpful with this.  Just a few hours searching around for “Farmhouse table plans”, “How to build a Farmhouse table” “Farmhouse table images” etc. and I have a pretty good idea what this will entail.

Step Two: Talk to your friends at the lumber company about which wood would be best to use.

Now I had just planned on finding the best price I could get for the wood that I would use for this project.  I THOUGHT that I had a pretty good idea of how to build a table so I just called my friend Greg at Millcreek to ask him about which wood he would suggest and how cheap he could get it to me for.  While talking to Greg, he just happens to mention that one of the guys he works with, Doug Jackson,  builds tables all the time and might have some pointers.  One conversation with Doug, and I realize that I have now real idea of how to build a table, and now where near the tools to do start.  That’s when Doug makes me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  For a small price, he will teach me how to build the table AND let me use his workshop in the process!. SCORE!  With this fortune in hand, I proceeded to start the process of lying to Erin in order to sneak away and work on her table.  I knew that I would want to have proof of the affair, so I brought my trusty iPhone with me every step of the way!.

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