I need a Door Dentist.

Imagine for a moment that houses are people.  Now when we meet someone for the first time, our first impression of them is based on their looks, (that is unless you meet said person on the phone by which you would get to know them first and then see them). Regardless, we will eventually use our eyes to make a decision about the individual and determine which role in our lives they will hold.  “Is this someone I could see myself spending time with?”  With that idea in mind, when we see a house or person, we will make our initial impression about the possibility of spending some significant time with this house based on the exterior appearance.  No one says “I really want to date an UGLY person!  Bad hair, creepy eyes, jacked up teeth, OH YES!”  Now with the house, the yard is definitely the hair.  And if you’ve ever seen the Amityville Horror, you know that the windows of a house are it’s eyes.  As for the teeth, this honor would have to go to the garage door.

So 3 months ago, Erin and I moved into a new, old Ranch style house.  Originally built in the 1950’s, this house had been through some changes over the past 60 years.  The yard was pretty  well done by the previous owners with the exception of a few areas; the windows were worn, but had that old style charm; and the garage door…well let’s just say that this lady needed a definite trip to the dentist.

As you can see, it looks a like this smile has a few to0 many trips to the candy store and not enough dates with a toothbrush, so to speak.  It’s not a crackhead eating Cheetos and dark chocolate bad, but it doesn’t necessarily make you want to snuggle up to it on a stormy night either .  So my task for this week is to take this shabby looking kisser and turn it into something that won’t make my house want to curl it’s lips down in shame.  I’ll be doing this on a minimal budget and limited tools but I’m optimistic that it can be done.  We shall see.


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