Now that we have a beautiful Farmhouse Table in our dining room, another dilemma has popped up.  The table is exactly what we wanted it to be…rustic, charming, giant.  Unfortunately, the 4 chairs around the table aren’t doing it justice.  Pardon my French, but they are definitely lacking that je ne sais quo.  We’ve been scouring the internet, looking for ideas.  Pinning, pinning, and more pinning (so we won’t forget where to find them when we finally make a decision).  Here are the front runners…

All of these chairs are currently out of our price range, so it will be a while before we can add them to the table.  We’re planning on having a Thanksgiving celebration at our house this year, and we are hoping to have something in place by then.  I guess we’ll be searching through Craigslist and flea markets to see if we can find any for a more reasonable price.  Or, maybe Carey will learn how to make chairs next.  Can he build it?  Yes, he can!  

Any thoughts on which chairs you think fit best with our table?

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