The Big, Hairy List

When we decided to buy this house, one of the selling factors was that it didn’t have a lot of work that needed to be done.  Our last house was built in 1939, and we had to complete lots of upgrades in the five years that we lived there.  This house, on the other hand, had been newly remodeled.  Of course, there were some minor fix-ups we knew we would have to do upon moving in, like hanging towel rods and toilet paper holders.  Those we done within the first week of moving in…and we soon became restless.

I think that The Farmhouse Table Affair sparked an inner desire to decorate and fix up even more things around the house.  Carey can’t even go into other people’s houses without looking for the things he could fix (sorry, friends).  Our once small fix-it-list has now turned into The Big, Hairy List of to-dos.  Some are minor; some are major.  We are doing our best to document them.  It will be fun to look back someday at our house before/after pics.  I’m sure we’ll have some “What were we thinking?” moments.  For now, we are hoping to avoid fads (like fruit border in the kitchen, circa 1994) and use timeless neutrals with splashes of color.  I change my mind often, so neutrals will provide a solid background for my latest whim.

The Big, Hairy List (as of June 27, 2011)

Over the weekend, I put my Handyman (handy-woman?) skills to work and hung some artwork in my bathroom.  It had been sitting on the floor of the bathroom for over two months!  Procrastination is one of my top skills.  Plus, when you have old episodes of Dirt to watch, it is hard to get anything done.  It is great to find shows that you love…then learn that they were canceled during the writer’s strike.  Oh, well.  I guess that leaves more time for home improvements.  Here are the before and after photos of the hall bathroom.



Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  So much excitement, I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

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