Baby, Love is a Battlefield

Today marks 23 weeks, and my belly is looking bigger and rounder by the minute. If you can’t tell, the pic on the right is Baby Gray’s little profile (turn your head sideways if you can’t see it). I still have a hard time making things out on the ultrasound photos.

23 Weeks

It actually looks like he has a little smile on his face in the picture. He’s probably still happy from hearing his new favorite song…”Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar (we were watching the Cee Lo and Vicci Martinez version on The Voice). By the way, Mr. Javier Colon is great and I hope he won (haven’t watched the final episode on Hulu yet).

Anyway, when Cee Lo and Vicci started singing their rendition of Love is Battlefield, Gray started kicking harder than he has ever kicked. We are going to go ahead and assume that meant he liked it…because who doesn’t like Pat Benatar? I dare you to not dance and sing along to her classics.

Our baby check up for 23 weeks was good. It is amazing to see how much growth can happen over a short, 4-week period and we hate that we have to wait another 4 weeks just to see him again. Maybe I’ll just start playing classic 80s songs so that I get to feel those kicks more often. It is really time for us to start working on the nursery so that he doesn’t have to sleep in his stroller. We’ll post pics when finished!

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