Divine Organization

They say in the beginning, “God created Heaven and the Earth”.  And after that, he and Ms. God spent the weekend organizing all of the clutter in their closets (They left that part out in the book).  Well we’re no God’s, but we are trying to create our own little heaven here on Earth, i.e. buying a new house and preparing for a new baby.  Can’t Wait!  And like God, we had a little bit of clutter in our closet.

Since we are not Mr. and Ms. God, we couldn’t just snap our fingers to make this mess reorganize itself.  But we did figure out a simple and easy way to make it a little more presentable.  Step 1: Get all the junk out.  Once that is done, a trip to the local hardware store will put you on the righteous path.  We decided on some of the inexpensive wire shelving in white, (the heavenly color of neat and clean).  You can have it cut to size at the store or just cut it yourself.

Safety first, then teamwork.

Once you’ve got it cut to fit, you can hang it.  Our closet didn’t have a lot of great light so I had to pull out my official members only Chilean Miners Head Lamp!

Let there be LIGHT!

Now that mine eyes can see the glory, Ill give you a little tip. Typically, you would hang these wire shelves with the little plastic hook sets that are sold in the same section.  These are great if you are planning on only setting nice fluffy angels wings on them because they won’t hold much else.  So for more support, get a few pieces of 1×2 lumber and cut out some supports to run along the wall.  This not only makes the shelves stronger, it also makes them easier to level since you can just draw a line with a level, tack the 1×2 alone the line and set the shelves on top.

Patch any holes with sheetrock mud followed by a fresh coat of white paint and even Jesus wouldn’t mind stashing his birkenstocks here!

Cleanliness truly is next to Godliness!  Now peace can truly be with you, and also with you.


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