How? – November 4, 2012

How can this house go from being clean to messy in a matter of minutes? Let’s go over everything in this photo…

Clockwise from top left…

1. Sock Monkey-in-a-Box – You love to grab it by the hair and hand it to anyone who is willing to help you play. Most of the time, you walk away before it gets to pop out of the box.

2. Shredded Toilet Paper – You have had a really runny nose lately. I had a roll of TP out to wipe your nose and you grabbed it. You had a great time unrolling it and shredding it on the kitchen floor.

3. Maraca – This is one of your new maracas. You shook it all the way from your room into the kitchen, where it now rests.

4. Anti-Slip Circle – This came from the bathroom. All the rest are there in their place, keeping you safe from slipping down when you walk around during bath time. I’m not sure how this one made it out here.

5. Cardboard House – You love to go in and out of your house. In this picture, you are putting a pen through the window. This is the same pen that you later put through the cat door. If you look closely, you can see the remote on top of the house. It is up there in an attempt to keep it safe from the cat door.

6. Rocking Horse – Readers were introduced to this horse last night. You have figured out how to push his ears and make him talk now. You still like to talk back.

7-9. Bounce Cart, Boat, & Cookie Monster – You go to each toy, play for a few minutes, and then move on to the next.

10. iPad on Stool – In an attempt to complete the grocery list, I sat down on the floor with the iPad, list, and pen. Yes, the pen that you now have in your hand. My plan didn’t work so well. So, I decided to just give up and take some pictures of you playing.



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