Toddler Tent

The best thing about having a wood shop in the garage is that my ideas can be turned into reality pretty quickly. I’ve seen a few tents floating around on Pinterest and wanted to create an easy version for our toddler room. I described it to Carey and he helped me put it together.


Step 1: Cut your boards to the desired length/width. We had a 6 foot 1×4 in the garage/shop. Carey cut it in half length-wise and then cut it in half again, leaving us with four pieces of equal length/width.


Step 2: Lightly sand each piece and pray with Lacquer Sanding Seal.


Step 3: When the boards are dry, use a 5/8 inch drill bit to drill holes at equal intervals in the top and bottom of each board. Clamping the boards together makes this easier, but it could also be done with a good old-fashioned ruler.



Step 4: Insert dowel rods into the top and bottom holes. The top holes will connect all 4 boards at the top of your triangle. The bottom boards will connect the two boards on each side.

Step 5: Insert eye hooks and a chain to make sure the tent stays in place. We installed our as high as possible so that there would be plenty of crawling space at the bottom.


Step 6: Measure your fabric based on the length between each dowel rod, leaving enough space for you to create a loop for the dowel rod. My sewing machine is broken, so Heat-n-Bond Ultrahold was the next best thing. Plus, I don’t like to sew. So far, it has held up well and the toddler in this house has climbed on his tent. 



Step 7: After bonding (or sewing your fabric), drape it over the top rod and thread it through the bottom rods.


It took us about an hour and $25 to complete this project. Happy How To’s Day!



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