Longest. Week. Ever.

Longest. Week. Ever.

What a week. Here is an overview.

Sunday: Your Gran came back from her birthday trip to Vegas and we had a party at our house.

Monday: I took you to the doctor in the morning for a ear infection follow-up and to check on your bruised up face. Your doctor sent us over to the children’s hospital to for some labs. A few hours later, we got a call saying that you needed to go to the hospital because of the low platelet count. They took more blood, put in an IV, and started treatment. They came in every hour to check your vitals over night. We didn’t sleep much.

Tuesday: We waited for a long time in the hospital for the team to do another blood test. We found out at about 3:00 that your platelet count was up and that we could go home! You still hadn’t taken a nap at this point. You slept in our bed on Tuesday night.

Wednesday: You threw up on the way into school. All over your daddy’s shirt and your own clothes. I came home after my morning meeting and we lounged on the couch most of the day. You watched the announcement of the new Pope and your first Disney movie, Tangled.

Thursday: You went to school and had a great day. You even got to play with Rachel, your dad and the dogs in the evening while I worked late.

Friday: You had to go give blood again this morning. Needles hurt. You cried but the sucker cheered you up a little bit afterwards. The doctor called a few hours later to say that your platelet levels were up! Yay! We all went to your Gran’s house for dinner and you fell asleep in the car on the way home. Your dad and I are ready for a glass of wine and a good-night’s sleep.


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