Until We Meet Again

We had to say goodbye to some very special people today. When you were 10 weeks old, you started at your school. Your dad and I looked all over town for a place we felt comfortable leaving you…a place with people we knew would love you like we did. We found that place a few weeks before I had to go back to work and I didn’t even cry when I dropped you off that first day because I trusted them with my whole heart.

You started in the Jellyfish class with Cathy, Lauren, and Liza. They rocked you to sleep and cleaned up all of your spit-up. You had reflux so you always wore a bib back then. We dropped you off with Miss Mikey every morning. After a while, she even brought you to my work when you got out of school on the days your Gran couldn’t pick you up. Our favorite part of the day was getting the daily picture email…you were sleeping 90% of the time in those pictures but it got us through the next few hours before we could come home to you.

When you got old enough, you moved up to the Clownfish room with Miss Zoe and Lori. Zoe read you books and cleaned up after you when you would gag on foods with funny textures. You started doing crafts and playing outside. You played with friends…Elliot, Evan, Owen, Paloma, Alizabeth, Jack, Phoebe and Keeting. You were happiest when you got to go over to the Angelfish room with Miss Shelby to play on their loft. Miss Lauren brought you to your Gran’s school some afternoons. I hear you and Evan had some great conversations in the car. On the other days, you got to hang out with Rachel at our house.

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We had to say goodbye to those friends today and that was really hard. You had no idea it was your last day so it was really just hard on me and your dad. These people have known you most of your short life and they have been a second family to you. We are so grateful for each and every one of them and can’t wait to go back for special occasions.


To everyone at SD…we miss you already. Thank you so much for loving Gray like he was your own. Until we meet again…



One thought on “Until We Meet Again

  1. You said it perfectly! The first week was harder on me than it was on Aly but she does great. We still miss everyone though. 🙂

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