Was, Is and Always Will Be


When you are old enough to read this, you will know who you were and who you are because your Mama spent so much time and love making this chronicle of your life. She doesn’t make it into her own blog posts or photos too much and that is a shame (because she is quite a hotty). So I thought it would be good for you to know about the person who writes this for you; who that person Was, Is and Always Will Be.

When she was born, it was pretty apparent that she was going to be a beautiful lady.  She was tiny, blonde and had the most beautiful almond shaped eyes (still does).  When she was a little girl, her dream was to be an Apple Seller or a Cheerleader when she grew up.  Although she never became an Apple Seller (at least she hadn’t by the time this post was written),  she did become a Cheerleader; and a damn good one too, 10th in the Nation WOOT WOOT!!!  This is something that she often groans about when its brought up but will still give the harshest critiques on the championship squads competing at nationals anytime its on.   She was afraid of the dark (still is) and didn’t like sleeping alone (still doesn’t), especially not in strange places.  You can ask your Aunt KK about sleep overs when they were little.  She was a gymnast, teddy bear twirler and an all around beautiful little girl (still is).


First an foremost, you Mama is a beautiful woman and a beautiful lady.  She is often the first to refute this claim but I and every other person who meets her will argue this with her until the bitter end.  Now some would say the appropriate statement here would have been to say that she is first your Mom, but I’ve never been one for appropriateness, as can be confirmed by any one of the people you know who know me.  She IS first a beautiful woman in every sense of the word, both physically, personally and in her soul.  It is this fact that makes her such a beautiful mother to you.  She is way more fun than she ever lets on initially and WAAAAY more crass than anyone would ever suspect as illustrated by the fact that she almost pee’d her pants 4 days ago when you learned to fart on command, or when someone else does it first.


She is a Photographer, and a damned good one too.  She loves taking pictures because she loves nostalgia, she loves being able to capture memories and hold them in her hand and she loves the beauty of life when you can make it stand still for just a moment in time.  She also loves being artistic and creating things that come from inside.  She might say she isn’t that creative but she very much so is; and when it comes from a place of love, then it’s really where she shines. She has attitude that she doesn’t always show, but there is definitely a “Slap to the Face” side in her.


She is silly, playful and makes a mean Monster Face.  She was actually the originator of this in our Family.

She loves children (which bodes well for you), she loves to help others and would love to move to Africa to help orphans.  She loves reading and reads to you all the time to share this love.


She is selfless to a fault, keen, sneakily observant and nosy to her own detriment, which is why I had to do this post in secret (as well as every other gift I’ve ever given her)  Again, she is beautiful and gorgeous but doesn’t realize just how much so (she actually makes other women jealous because of how effortless it is for her)  She would rather give to others at her own cost than to do for herself and have it cost someone else (something I’ve tried to brake her of but have failed thus far) She has a soft voice and HATES loud noises, which makes for some interesting times with me since I have the hearing of an 80 year old war vet and a loud, brash voice at times.  She is very emotional because of her big heart and cries at all kinds of movies, TV shows and even some commercials.

Always Will Be:

How she is today and how she will be by the time you read this can’t be said in full detail.  But what can be said is that she will always be herself.  She will always be the future Apple Seller and Teddy Bear Twirler, she will always have the soft voice, big heart and hyper-active tear ducts.  She will always love taking pictures and I hope that by the time you read this, she is doing photography full time because I know that’s what she really wants to do.


You are a lucky kid because you have her eyes, her face and her heart. You also have my personality which makes you tons of fun and very unique but may also be a problem since I have SERIOUS ADHD that makes me scatterbrained, have hyper focus, obsessive/compulsive, forgetful and just a tad bit insane. This can be good when the focus locks on a task that needs to be done or when strong analytical thought is required, but can also drive people crazy because once locked, it’s hard to break the seal.  Also, the forgetful aspect of it can make some people pull their hair out, i.e. your mom.  But I can tell you that I never forget the things that really matter (and that I hear clearly) and I never forget her, even though she thinks I do sometimes.
I started this blog as a gift to her on our 9th anniversary to document the building of a table she so desperately wanted, but she turned it into a gift for you. She takes pictures of you every day and writes because she loves taking photos and loves sharing her mind and heart, but also because she wants you to have a chronicle showing you that you were loved everyday for exactly who you are since the day you were born.

She will always be the girl who made me no longer want to be single, the girl who amazes everyone around her without even trying or even knowing and the girl who just gets better with every passing year.  But most importantly, without a doubt, 100%,  she will always be your Mama, and that guarantees that you will always be the luckiest kid in the world.

(P.S. Did I mention that she loved to read as a teenager too? Especially Adventure books)IMG_0212

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