Pressing Buttons

Being the parent of an 18 month old is trying at times. Your sweet little bundle of joy has discovered that he has a voice of his own. And he wants to use it. How To Be a Dad describes toddlers as little dictators. They throw their food when they don’t like it and scream at the top of their lungs when they are mad or just excited. Bloggers like that help me realize that my toddler is perfectly normal. Bossy. Opinionated. Independent. I have decided to call this the Louis phase…because of all the “incessant whining” (name that movie).

On the other side of the whining and chucking pieces of cheese across the room is a sweet, funny boy. A boy who sits on the bed and presses the buttons on the car remote because he can hear the beeping outside; a boy who thinks he can snap by touching his fingers together; a boy who will still give sweet hugs and an occasional kiss.

I am grateful that I get the chance to watch you grow up, little one.




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