Before I Knew You

“Close your eyes and think of something peaceful.” Those were Becky Bailey’s instructions in that conference room so many years ago.We were learning how to wish others well.

I closed my eyes. My mind drifted to something peaceful. I was holding a baby boy on my shoulder, gently rocking him to sleep.

I didn’t have or want kids at the time. Working with little ones was enough for me then. Still, rocking that baby to sleep was the most peaceful spot in my mind.

Perhaps my soul knew you before I did. Because years later, rocking you to sleep is my peaceful place.

On the eve of your second birthday, it is hard to believe that you are growing so quickly. Even when you’re throwing a fit because one of your terrible parents is forcing you to put on a clean diaper, you bring a spark of excitement to this world.

We are so glad that you are here, Jelly Bean. Happy Birthday!



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