Goodnight, Sweet Zain

Tomorrow, we will say our final good-byes. But tonight, sweet Zain, we say one last goodnight.

You were born with degenerative hip displacia and your hip sockets never quite formed correctly. We found this out when you were only 6 months old. I remember crying in the vet’s office that day thinking that we were going to lose you then. The vet gave us some meds and told us to try to build up your muscles, so your daddy took you to OU Stadium every day to run stairs. Before we knew it, you were running around the yard again as happy as ever.

That was 12 years ago. TWELVE! You’ve lived to be an old man in dog years and you’ve been a hyper happy dog the whole time. From carrying the cat around the yard by his head (never hurting him, of course), to hiding in the bathtub when little kids came over, you were always ready to lick someone’s face and lay your head on their lap if they decided they didn’t want to pet you right then.

When Gray was born almost three years ago, we thought you might be scared of him like you were of other kids, but he was your favorite person to chase and lick. His face was just the right height for your tongue. We wish he could have more time with you…just as we wish we could have more time with you.

Unfortunately, buddy, your hips have given up for good this time. That’s too much pain to go through for an old man. So, we said one last goodnight this evening with steak and lots of love under the setting sun. You’ll get to spend one more night under the stars with your life-long friend, Nalla. We are so happy we found you wandering around that house so many years ago.

Goodnight, Sweet Zain.







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