Hi!  We’re Carey and Erin Velez.  He’s Carey, I’m Erin…and yes, after saying that to a car salesman one day, he did reply with, “Are you serious?”  Needless to say, we didn’t buy a car from him.

Left to Right: Carey…Erin

We live in Oklahoma but secretly dream of making enough money to live in the heart of New York City.  Manhattan is our favorite place, but we’re not willing to live in a closet. Oklahoma definitely has it’s perks…being around friends and family, cost of living, big yards for kids to run and play in, and free parking are just a few things we love here.

Erin’s 30th Birthday Celebration in NYC

In February of 2011, we sold our first home, purchased our current home, and found out that we were going to have our first baby…all in the matter of about 2 two weeks.  Since then, we have started making this house our home.

For our 9th anniversary, Carey snuck around behind my back and built a farmhouse table. I had been drooling over farmhouse tables on other blogs for months, and he decided that he would put his carpentry skills to the test.  The table turned out to be gorgeous, which only means that he will be building lots more furniture for this house over the next few years.  Because of that adventure, AroundTheFarmhouseTable was born.

Since then,we welcomed our first child into this crazy world. He is the highlight of our days around here and the table is no longer free of clutter.



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