Reading on the Pot

Yep. You like your dad to read you books while you sit on the potty. We’ve been doing this for about a week now and tonight was the first night that you actually peed in the potty! Of course, it was by accident…but we still cheered like you had just finished first in the Olympic 400 meter dash. Gotta celebrate the small things because the small things are REALLY big when you’re a toddler and doing everything for the first time.

I’m sure you’ll really appreciate this post when you’re fifteen and your friends find this in the archives.



“More crackers.”

You have recently fallen in love with crackers and p (translation-crackers and peanut butter). Plain crackers are not acceptable these days. I wonder how you would feel about peanut butter on celery. We might give that a try next week.

When you had finished at least 10 crackers today, you wanted more. Unfortunately, they were all gone.



Your daddy taught you how to use the water sprayer…and you LOVE it! You get pretty angry when we have to turn it off to go inside for dinner. Daddy was filming you during this water play session and his phone had a nice bath. He is going to have to be more careful with his electronics. I stayed pretty far away with the camera.





Choo Choo

You have a new found love for trains, cars, buses, and fire trucks. It is really fun to watch you push them around the room. When we are in the car, you scream out BUS! if one drives by. Who knew you could be that loud?

And…your platelet count was up to 244K today! That is up above the low count, which means that we don’t have to go back for blood work for 2 whole months. Woot woot!


Uncle J

You have two Uncle Js, but this post is about the one that lives on the West Coast. Your Uncle Jared came to Tulsa over the weekend and you got to spend some time with him. You called him “Josh” most of the time (he does look a lot like his brother) but you eventually started to figure out that they are two different people. 

After dinner one night, you tried to figure out what happened to his hair and then gave him a hug goodbye. He is getting ready to leave for a big trip and we hope that he doesn’t decide to stay there forever! Come back soon, Uncle J!!!




We all know by now that you love to pretend like you’re eating just like a dog by sticking your face in the bowl. You decided to take it a step further tonight and actually EAT the dog food! When I would turn my head, you would grab a piece and put it in your mouth. You thought it was hilarious when I would say yuck, so you would spit it back into the bowl and laugh. I will be telling this story to your first love.


We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Do you know the song? If so, I hope it is stuck in your head right now just like it is stuck in mine. I do find it funny when I drive all the way to work from dropping Gray off at school with Raffi Radio playing. And I sing every song like it is the coolest thing on the radio.

We went to the zoo with Josh, Amy, Jack, and Gran to celebrate Mother’s Day. I think you enjoyed running around with Jack more than anything. Those sidewalks were so big!

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You went to your first baseball game tonight to watch your Uncle Josh. You and Jackson spent 99% of the time running around the stadium. You did stop a few times to see what was going on on the other side of the fence.

Your cousin is already a natural at throwing the ball. When it comes your way, you mostly run around making funny sounds. It is interesting to watch two boys, so close in age, with such different interests.