Playin’ with the Big Kids

You had a great time playing with the big kids at Landon’s birthday party. Mostly, you chased Hannah around hoping that she would stop for a minute to pay attention to you. Unfortunately, she was pretty fast and you couldn’t keep up.

Then, you discovered the vending machines. It was fun turning the knobs even if you didn’t get anything to come out. The party was ended with cake and ice cream, which you shared with your mom and dad. Such a sweet boy! And yes, that is a Flux Capacitor t-shirt. Long live the 80s.






You are getting so big. You can now climb the ropes to the top of the big ship at the park. You run over to the slide and stick out your hand for someone to help you down the slide. When you get to the bottom, you climb back up as far as you can, turn around, and scoot back down to the bottom saying “wee, wee, wee.” The park is definitely your favorite place right now.


Big Kid

There were days that I wished that you didn’t need your pacifier (a.k.a. Binky) to fall asleep. You would wake up in the middle of the night because it had fallen out. Me or your dad would groggily stumble into your room to replace it. Tonight, you fell asleep without it and I was sad. I love that you are growing up and doing new things, but I am sad at the same time. You are getting so big, so fast. I guess I should be more careful what I wish for.