Movie Night

Your cousin came over last night to hang out so that his mommy and daddy could go play kick-ball in the blazing hot weather (crazy). We were more than happy to hang out with him in the air conditioning. Yes, you have some lazy parents.

When your cousin walked in the door, you both squealed and started running around the house. After you wore yourselves out a little, we had some dinner and settled in to watch a Thomas movie. The look on your cousin’s face is because there was a scary train in this particular scene. Who knew that Thomas-the-Train could be considered a horror movie for toddlers?


We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Do you know the song? If so, I hope it is stuck in your head right now just like it is stuck in mine. I do find it funny when I drive all the way to work from dropping Gray off at school with Raffi Radio playing. And I sing every song like it is the coolest thing on the radio.

We went to the zoo with Josh, Amy, Jack, and Gran to celebrate Mother’s Day. I think you enjoyed running around with Jack more than anything. Those sidewalks were so big!

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Batman and Robin

You got to visit your cousin in Atlanta over the weekend. Like you, he is a busy bee…always wiggling. It won’t be long before he is running around the house. While he was playing on the floor mat, you decided to crawl in with him. You then tried him out as a pillow and tickled him. I’m glad you got to snuggle with him while he is still a baby.





Friday nights are family nights. You get to play with your cousin and run around your gran’s house. Jack just started walking so tonight was really fun. I’ve never seen you so excited to see another person your size. You had a huge smile when he walked in. Watching you two grow up together is going to be awesome.