The Fourth

We’re back! The last two weeks have been taken over by packing and moving. We sold our house and didn’t have a new one to move in to…so we are currently shacked up with my mom (hi, mom!). I am very grateful to have a mom who is willing to let us invade her house with a screaming toddler and all his toys, a husband with a garage full of tools, and a daughter with high anxiety and a tendency to rearrange other people’s furniture when they’re out of town because it is out of balance. Let’s hope she doesn’t kick us out before we find somewhere else to live.

We have gotten to do a few fun things over the last two weeks – including watching fireworks. I was sure that Grayson would be scared, but he didn’t mind the show. His cousin, however, had a different opinion about fireworks. He was much happier inside with the dog and his mommy.