Little Things

I’ve mentioned your love of books before. Even though we have memorized many of the books around the house (seriously, we recited The Napping House by Audrey Wood the other night when you were having trouble going back to sleep), it makes me smile to see you grab a book and flip through the pages. You’ve got tountitled-1-2 appreciate the little things.


You created your own cozy space for reading tonight. You pulled the empty laundry bin down from the closet, grabbed a blanket and some stuffed animals, and then settled in for a good story. We might have to look for an old claw-foot bathtub to turn into a reading space in your room someday.


Read Some Books

Say that title in your best Nacho Libre voice and you’ve read it just the way I did in my head as I wrote it.

You sat at the table to read today. Your love of books is one of my favorite things in the whole world. I hope that it continues throughout your life. It will be so much fun to read longer books together as you get older. Much more fun than video games, right?!



Side note: If you live in the Tulsa area and reside in the Union Public Schools catchment area…you have one more hour to vote for the bond issue. Go vote!

Charlie Says “Woo Woo”

You haven’t quite mastered the art of the final syllable for most words yet. Instead of “woof-woof,” your dogs say “woo-woo.” One of our new books is Ree Drummond’s christmas book with Charlie the Basset Hound. You love to look at the back of this book and point back and forth from Ree to Charlie saying “Daw” and “Wee” (Translation: Dog and Ree).


Light Reading

After finishing The Audacity of Hope, you moved on to ┬ásome light reading with Anne Rice. Not only do you love to read your books, you also love to flip through the rest of the books in the house. Unfortunately for us, there are A LOT of books in this house. That means that we pick up books every time you run through a room. We don’t really mind, though. We are hoping that your love of reading continues.