Movie Night

Your cousin came over last night to hang out so that his mommy and daddy could go play kick-ball in the blazing hot weather (crazy). We were more than happy to hang out with him in the air conditioning. Yes, you have some lazy parents.

When your cousin walked in the door, you both squealed and started running around the house. After you wore yourselves out a little, we had some dinner and settled in to watch a Thomas movie. The look on your cousin’s face is because there was a scary train in this particular scene. Who knew that Thomas-the-Train could be considered a horror movie for toddlers?


Vintage Toys

Are 1980’s toys considered vintage now that it is 2013? I can’t really be old enough to have toys that are considered vintage…can I?

You love the Little People house I found in the attic over the weekend. Your trains go through the front door and your fire truck fits in the garage. I watched you give the baby a kiss on the head after you put him in the chair. You play with this house for quite a while on your own, which is really fun to see. I’d like to know what is going through that little brain of yours.


Playing in the Yard

Playing in the yard is one of the the best parts about living at Gran’s house. She has a great big place to play for you and the dogs. Outside is her favorite place. Too bad it is 1000 degrees outside in Oklahoma right now. Luckily, we had a few cool days last week so that we could get outside and enjoy the yard. I’m definitely ready for fall.






Little Things

I’ve mentioned your love of books before. Even though we have memorized many of the books around the house (seriously, we recited The Napping House by Audrey Wood the other night when you were having trouble going back to sleep), it makes me smile to see you grab a book and flip through the pages. You’ve got tountitled-1-2 appreciate the little things.

Playin’ with the Big Kids

You had a great time playing with the big kids at Landon’s birthday party. Mostly, you chased Hannah around hoping that she would stop for a minute to pay attention to you. Unfortunately, she was pretty fast and you couldn’t keep up.

Then, you discovered the vending machines. It was fun turning the knobs even if you didn’t get anything to come out. The party was ended with cake and ice cream, which you shared with your mom and dad. Such a sweet boy! And yes, that is a Flux Capacitor t-shirt. Long live the 80s.





Stick a Fork in It

Who would have thought that learning to use utensils would be so tough? It’s hard to imagine what people did before there were mini-forks and spoons. I don’t even want to think about chopsticks!

I love how wide you open your mouth right now for a tiny bite. We can’t even pretend to help out with this process because “Gray dude it!” is the first thing out of your mouth when anyone else grabs the fork. Independence is important…so stick with it, little one.



First Cut

You got your first haircut over the weekend. For the most part, it was fun. You got to sit in a police car, watch cartoons, and play with a singing duck! The only scary part was when she had to clean up the edges. Thank goodness that part didn’t last very long. You do look very handsome with your new ‘do.



Reading on the Pot

Yep. You like your dad to read you books while you sit on the potty. We’ve been doing this for about a week now and tonight was the first night that you actually peed in the potty! Of course, it was by accident…but we still cheered like you had just finished first in the Olympic 400 meter dash. Gotta celebrate the small things because the small things are REALLY big when you’re a toddler and doing everything for the first time.

I’m sure you’ll really appreciate this post when you’re fifteen and your friends find this in the archives.