Away We Go!

So here we are. The BIG REVEAL! If this were Extreme Makeover: Home Addition there would be a bus parked in front of my house with 10,000 screaming neighbors hoping to be on TV so they could call all of their friends and say “I’m going to be on TV!” Well it’s not an entire home makeover, just a table (so a bus would have been a little extreme) but I was pretty excited. She had been out of town visiting her best friend in Scottsdale, AZ while I stayed up all night for 3 nights straight putting on the finishing touches. First removing the table legs from our old table and sanding them down to the bare wood. Then, while watching a Resident Evil marathon on Netflix, painting the legs and skirt boards in 2 layers of chocolate brown followed by 2 layers of antique white. The following day and night were spent sanding off the edges of the newly painted pieces to make them look old and worn and then putting everything together, cleaning up my mess along with the rest of the house to get everything perfect. Month’s of planning, scheming and lying had all come down to the final moment where she would find it all out. I would finally let her know that I had been sneaking around, lying and letting her wallow in a caffeine induced pregnant panic attack, and show her why. Although some may say that I do it to be romantic, I don’t. I do it because she is my best friend, my love and my partner in everything. I do it because I want to see her smile the kind of smile that comes from total surprise, total happiness and getting that thing you thought would never be a reality and knowing that someone did it all for you. Soon we will have a little one added to our family and I did it for him too. Because I want him to know that his parents loved each other for each and every one of the nine years they were together before he arrived, and they will love each other for each and every one of the years that will follow.

So I was excited and a little nervous! There is always that little bit of “what if” that lies beneath. What if they don’t like it, what if they don’t react the way you hoped or imagined, what if while you are driving to the airport to pick her up a fire breaks out in the living room and destroys JUST the table so that when she comes home she only see’s a pile of smoldering ashes in the middle of the dining room floor! I do love irrational possibilities (and I actually enjoyed the lying, I’m just so good at it)! Well she did come home, she did see it, there was no fire and well, I must say….

She Loved It! And I love her.

Happy Anniversary my beautiful lady!

PS: I would like to give a special thanks to my iPhone 4 for taking each and every one of these beautiful pictures documenting my labor of love. Thank you iPhone.

9 thoughts on “Away We Go!

  1. Happy Anniversary ! What a wonderful story with a BEAUTIFULL ending so happy for the two of you. Carey the table is wonderful, you should be so proud. Amazing what LOVE brings out of you isn’t it. Have you thought about building a cradle for the baby ? Love you two. Pat Lester

    • Pat,

      I’m so glad you like it! We don’t need a cradle since Jon and DeeDee gave us Hannah’s old one, but I am planning on building a dresser/changing table for the room. i’ll post that up when we get to it. All we need now is some of your delicious Neiman-Marcus bars!

      Happy 4th!


  2. Carey – what a wonderful husband, FHT builder, writer and romantic you are! The table is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see it. I love you both and wish you a very Happy Anniversary!

    • Teri,

      Now you know why I really wasn’t quick to take your table out of your garage ; ) Everyone will need to come by with all of the babies to gather around for dinner. 1 down, 3 to go! I’ll need to get started on some chairs though.

      Have a great weekend,


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  4. WOW! What a great anniversary present. She will remember this present, and your nice blog post for the rest of her life. And the table is simply beautiful!

    • Thank you so much.

      I told her I have fallen in love with creating these types of things and she quickly gave me a list of new projects. I’ll need to start thinking about a way to top this one for next year, you gotta love those bar-setters! I’ll keep posting the new projects, big and small, as we get to them. (The new ones should be a little easier to pull off though, since I won’t have to sneak around to do them)

      Have a great July 4th Weekend!


  5. wow how beautiful. There was as much love put into this table as there was hard work. Amazing. That is wonderful. Belated Happy Anniversary.

    • Debbie,

      Thanks for the compliments and the Anniversary wishes. This Labor-O-Love was as much fun to do as it was to see her face when I finally came clean, and she is worth every second of it. Not to mention the feeling of realizing i was actually going to pull it all off! We’ve got some more projects in the works (I’ve got some major plans for our closets!), and these will be a lot more fun now that we can be partners in crime, so to speak!

      Happy 4th of July Weekend,


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