Room for Baby

This is our Vintage Travel Nursery. After looking through different designs on baby websites for hours on end and not finding anything I liked, I finally decided that we weren’t going to be able to use something out of a bag/box. The search for our “theme” ended when we stumbled upon the fabric you’ll see on the chair later. This baby room will be able to grow as he grows, making it easier to transition into a big kid room and then into a room for a young adult. Okay. I’m going to cry just thinking about it. Let’s just take a look at the baby room…


This nursery was definitely a labor of love for many people. Carey built the dresser from an old door and scraps of wood. Building furniture is his new hobby, and I must say that he is really good at it. The top lifts up to store treasures and we found the heavy hardware at Vandykes Restorers.


The chair belonged to my mom when she was a teenager. She spent countless hours reading in it and had it recovered for her grandson. I made the “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” map after purchasing a map on for 70¢. It is just attached to a cork board with spray adhesive. He already has a few pins in his map of world travels (even though he won’t be able to remember those trips)!


Above the dresser/changing table is the Stamp Mobile I put together after being inspired by another crafty person over on Pinterest. I grabbed some new and used stamps from Hobby Lobby, hot glued them to string, and hung them on a ring that I painted white. When the A/C comes on, this dances in the breeze, which is really fun to watch. I like to think that some of those stamps were used to send love notes across the world.


This is the Route 66 portion of the room. His book collection is growing but there is still lots of room for more! My mom and I dug through lots of antique blocks at Affair of the Heart to find his name. My mom also found the travel quilt at the Harvest Moon craft show a few weeks ago and it was a perfect addition. The poster is from the Tulsa Centennial Celebration in 2007 and Carey built and stained the frame.


When we moved in, this closet had only that top rod for clothes. For months, it was filled with boxes and stuff we didn’t know what to do with. Last weekend, we got to work and installed a hamper shelf, which will make for easier sorting of clothes. Plus, you can grab the baskets and go directly to the laundry room! Super convenient! This was another idea that I found over on Pinterest. Thanks to some good friends, Grayson already has more clothes than me and more shoes than his dad! Check out this post to see details about how we put together the closet.


This is the crib and art wall. My mom found that great stamp fabric at Interior Fabrics and had it dry mounted. Carey built the frame. A family friend made the blanket you see in the crib. It might be the softest blanket ever and will be great for snuggling on snow days. On the other side, I hung a poem written by Carey, a note my dad wrote to me years ago, and a picture of me with him in my belly. He is being watched over every day by people who love him.


16 thoughts on “Room for Baby

    • I will try to get a tutorial together this week. We really just modified a plan from Ana White by adding a shelf the length of the closet to the stacked laundry baskets.

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    • I actually made it! It wasn’t too difficult. I just cut a couple of pieces of plywood for the back and top and then trimmed it out with 4 1/4″ crown molding. The hooks were some simple hardware hooks from Target. Add some white paint and there you go! I hope this helps.

    • Hello Erin. I made the dresser myself and didn’t really have a plan drawn up when I set out. The initial idea was to make a travel trunk changing table that out little one could use as a dresser when he got older. The sides are actually from a solid wood door that I cut in half. I built the back and sides from some leftover wood I had lying around. That’s kind of why I didn’t have a plan. I was set on using the materials I wouldn’t have to pay for so I just made those work to my general idea. The top is on a piano hinge so it opens up. I can tell you that the hardware for the trunk lock and drawer pulls are from Van Dykes Restorers. I searched over a dozen websites and some local hardware suppliers before I found them. If you want to see some of the coolest stuff you can possibly find, check out their website, Their stuff is phenomenal!

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